Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Be kind to each other

We did this as part of our R.E, and then showed it today at Mass.  We need to remember to be kind and gentle to each other.  Well done Year7's at Mass today, you are showing some great leadership skills!

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Collaborative Literacy

It is such an amazing experience when the room is buzzing with conversations about learning... Collaboration during literacy. Went in to tell them to keep the noise down and when I stopped to listen it was all about the article... Nice work!

Activator Sport

Lots of fun during activator sport...

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Collaboration during inquiry

We have been researching what it means to be part of the Dominican... As I explained to the students this is all very new to me as we were part of a different order in Auckland.

We used a collaborative tool to collect our ideas so that we can draw as much information together the task was to research find information and post on padlet.  Each group had to not only research but put the information into their own words and read each others so that there isn't the same information.

A great collaborative tool to use.

Week 1

It's been a busy week...

We have been learning about left and right brain thinking... It has been interesting hearing the responses to learning and how each of us learners differently

A Diagram
Here is a picture of a left side and right side of the brain.

The left side is the technological side and the right side.The right side is the creative  and fun side.  

by Athena & Anika

Ways to strengthen our opposite side

A pencil push up: you get a pencil and pull it away and back 6 times making sure you keep it straight and keep your eye on it.
By Max & Morgan

Left brain people are  more academic and love to learn. They like to plan things out. They like to look at words instead of pictures and use their imagination.
Right brain people are creative and like to do things that are risky.
They like to show feelings. They like to use pictures and their imagination to show people how they feel.                                                                                             
By Grace & Tessa